I’m just seven days away from celebrating my first Blogoversary. I’ve had blogs since years, but never managed to stick to one for longer than 20 posts. But I made a resolve to change. And here I am, 141 posts & almost one year later. It feels good!

But here’s the most exciting part of the news (at least for me)

You might have probably heard of the ‘Blue Moon’ this New Year. And if you haven’t I’ll tell you in short. ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ is an idiom meaning ‘something that happens very rarely. Because it literally means two full moons in a month. Only once every 2 or 3 years there are two full moons in a month. And the next time we’re having a blue moon on new year’s day is approximately 30 years away! But the reason it’s called ‘Blue Moon’ is totally different & refers to how when Mount Krakatoa (a volcano) erupted in the late 1800s & sprayed so much ash in the atmosphere that the moon appeared blue for many years.

Hope I didn’t bore you there.

Dad sent me an email yesterday saying that he’s sailing to some island in Tahiti right now. And he’ll be crossing the international date line on January 1st. He’ll have to retard by one day. That means he’ll be having two New Years Days. I mean, it sounds so exciting. What are the odds of experiencing something as cool as this?

I can somehow tell this New Year is gonna be special.

I’m optimistic… And excited! x