Today a very hectic day. Mom & me had so much of work (okay, I lied, she did most of it, though I helped out too!)
Anyway, by the time Dad got out of the airport it was past 1AM. Then there was all the catching up, & of course my shiny new MacBook Pro-

I still have to figure it out a little more but overall, I can summarize the experience to say that it is just so amazing! The backlit keyboard, SuperDrive (CD/DVD drive), display & just about everything else is brilliant. I feel really really lucky. So thanks Dad & Mom, thanks soooooo much!!!
Oh & there’s sad news too- I am leaving for Goa today afternoon. I will be taking my MBP along, but overall I might not have much internet access! 🙁
So this is my last actual post, though I may schedule a couple of posts just so this blog doesn’t seem to empty, but keep in mind, I am not here. And I sure will miss you guys a lot. And again thanks for reading. As I am going on a journey, I thought I have to properly bid farewell to you guys. I will be back.

love always,