I first mentioned Snuff the book here. I’ve wanted it ever since I’ve read Chuck’s short story guts, which I would have linked to but decided against cause I don’t think all my readers can handle it. If you really wanna read it, just google it.
Anyway I finally got the time to read the book. So here’s what I think about it-

I am still  not sure exactly why I picked up this book. But it was mostly because I had researched Palahniuk a lot & I found myself intrigued by him, without even reading a single book of his. So I went to my local bookstore & picked up the first book I saw written by him. And this is what I got.
Snuff is a complex book to review-The main plot is of a Porn Princess Cassie Wright who is past her prime & wants to cap her career with a Gang-bang for the Guinness-Her & 600 Men. The story if then told from four perspectives- Mr 72, Mr 137, Mr 600 & the ‘talent wrangler’ Sheila. That’s not all; the story contains quite a lot of subplots. It’s very risqué, but definitely not erotic. It can be rather disgusting at times (read: rather often). It’s fairly fast paced, I finished it in one sitting. I guess you could say the book exposes the ‘dark underbelly’ of the porn industry. Did you think it was sexy? Think again. Other than the plots, the book is peppered with a lot of trivia related to the entertainment industry (mostly old actors). Did you know that Marilyn Monroe sprayed her tits & ass with hairspray so her bikini would stay exactly where she wanted it to? Or that Richard Burton was in a bizarre accident that almost electrocuted him on the sets of a film? There are even tips on how to make a bikini wax less painful! Yes, the trivia may be meaningless to you & me, but it sure as hell is entertaining. The narrative is gritty without being overtly dark. It does have a few pretty good plot twists too.
I would have to state that this book is definitely not for everybody, my guess is that it would shock the hell out of most. Still a good read, though.

My Rating My Rating- 3 and a half stars ★★★ 1/2 (out of 5)
My Verdict- I recommend it; but as I said, not to everyone.