Guess what? I did some more internet shopping!
It seems like I get a high every time there’s a parcel at the door for me.
Anyway, what I bought this time is a Red Maglite Solitaire torch. My Dad had given me his Black Maglite Solitaire earlier. It was slightly beaten up but I loved it. But then I decided that it was time for me to get my own Maglite… I chose Red!
And it arrived in the mail just a couple of days ago.
Here are a few pictures.

The original. My Dad’s well worn Maglite.
The lovely shockproof hard case my new torch came in.
A look inside the case: a Duracell battery, the maglite & a keychain/lanyard.
Size Reference – Besides my Chapstick.
(Kinda blurry – sorry about that)
I took this photo in a completely dark room, without using my camera flash!

I know this is not a regular accessory & that I probably won’t be needing it here in Bombay, but I bought it anyway & I am absolutely in love with it (It’s not just a torch. It’s kind of like what Ray-Ban is to sunglasses). It’s going on all my travels with me. Who knows when I might need it?