Hey everyone! I’ve done a lot of shopping in the last couple of months & haven’t posted the stuff here. So I figured, why not do one post with a few photographs? So here’s the stuff

The new Ray-Bans mentioned in this post (gift from parents). 

Aren’t they exquisite? I love that they’re all polished & shiny looking because they’re new (You see, after a little bit of my signature handling they will not look *this* great.
I think I am obsessed with the browline frame. And I am fully aware that this is a rather crappy picture, do you know how hard it is to click photos of sunglasses? =( (Trust me I’ve tried!)

Ahhh… this is a sort of sneak-peek photo. Showing you my newest beach dress from Monsoon Accessorize.

I love all the stuff from Accessorize, even though it’s so overpriced. (This is also a gift from mom!) I find it so incredibly cute!! Can’t wait for summer vacation when I get to wear this!

Black wedges from Catwalk.

I am very clumsy & inexperienced when it comes to high heel shoes (yes 4″ for me qualifies as a high heel!) I do have stiletto heeled, peep toe booties that are a little above 4″ (previously seen in this post). They’re fab, but I can’t be on my feet for more than 5 minutes in them. Since then, I have always been in search of the perfect wedges. A while ago I found these in Catwalk & mom bought them for me. I still am slightly clumsy in them, but I must say that wedges are definitely easier to walk in than stilettos!

New Foce wrist watch.
And this wrist watch… what can I say? I’m very sure that a few months ago I would’ve hated this watch because I was all about bohemian & funky stuff & this would be too conservative & granny-like for me. But tastes change. It’s not that I don’t like bohemian & funky anymore, but I am experimenting with new style like Rocker Chic, vintage, Old British Lady Florals, neon & more! And as part of the vintage obsession, I have wanted a menswear like watch. Of course I realized I couldn’t go in for an actual men’s watch because the huge dial would smother my wrist. So I settled for this. The brown leather strap & the gold dial make it look very vintage-y according to me (mom doesn’t think so, what do you think?) This wrist watch is also from mom. *sigh* it has just dawned on me that she bought me everything from this post.
So that’s all the photos I clicked (though it’s definitely not all the stuff I bought!)
I just noticed that all three things are inherently summer-themed. Two explanations for that: 1. In a tropical climate like the type we have in Mumbai, it’s almost always summer. Only in the last few weeks has the city gotten somewhat chilly. Anyway, winter here doesn’t last more than 3 months.
I am expecting over six different things in the mail… they should have been here over a week ago, they’re probably stuck in customs or something. That, of course, makes me very very angry. If some of that stuff comes real soon, I might show it to you guys, otherwise this is the last post of the year!
Take Care!

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