A while ago I mentioned that I have got four Lakmé face washes and one face mask and that I intend to review them. The review has been long overdue, and I have finally decided to do it. This is my first review, so any feedback would be appreciated.
Here goes:

Lakmé Citrus Rain fruit detox facewash (Rs 125 for 100gms)
Information about the product: A rich and frothy facewash with a concoction of fresh mandarin and sweet orange. This high foaming face wash will sweep off the last trace of dirt to give your skin a Vitamin C rush that will release stress and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, zesty and re-energized.

What I thought: This has a creamy texture, unlike the others which are more gel-like. I loved the citrus fragrance, it works as a great pick-me-up, and it left me feeling very refreshed. My pores were clean and I didn’t need moisturizer afterwards.

Lakmé Strawberry facewash (Rs 125 for 100gms)
Information about product: The super fruit strawberries with Vitamin B and C leaves your skin smooth and youthful, while the micro-beads scrub away impurities, leaving your skin refreshed and delicately perfumed with fragrance of strawberries.
What I thought: This facewash is almost the same as Lakmé Strawberry Silk Splash facewash I used a few years ago. In fact, the fragrance is exactly the same. However, the texture is highly improved. Earlier the gel used to be somewhat fluid, but now the gel is much thicker, and is completely non-sticky. I loved the feel of it. It’s a great daily facewash, as it cleans off the day’s oil and grime, and yet I don’t need moisturizer afterwards. (I have combination/oily skin. If you have dry skin you might have to moisturize).

Lakmé Berry Lush Fruit Energizing facewash (Rs 125 for 100gms)
Information about product: While strawberries, rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants protect and nourish skin, the raspberry extracts will keep your skin soft & velvety smooth for a magical glow.
What I thought: The first facewash I tried of the lot. I have used Lakmé in the past, but I haven’t used it for a while. Loved the fruit scent, just as all the others. This one has a strawberry/raspberry like fragrance. The texture is very similar to the Strawberry facewash, thick gel that is not sticky. I even asked my mom to try this, and her verdict was the same: great fragrance and texture, cleans out the skin without drying it.
Overall I would say there is not much difference between this one and the Strawberry facewash, just depends on which scent you prefer!

Lakmé Berry Lush Fruit Energizing facewash (Rs 125 for 100gms)
Information about the product: A cocktail of muskmelon and watermelon in gel form that will deep cleanse, refresh and cool your
skin. Rich in Vitamin A, B and C, the creamy gel will lathers to transform your skin into never before
freshness, radiance and hydration.
What I thought: This is definitely my favorite of the lot, thanks to the fragrance. It is supposed to be a cocktail of muskmelon and watermelon, but everytime I open the tube, I swear I want to eat it. It smells totally yummy & edible. I think the scent is awesome and is great for both winters and summers. (Summer because muskmelon & watermelon are known to be cooling, winter because this facewash hydrates too!) This gel too is similar to the earlier two.
My overall verdict (of the facewashes): I loved them! They may not be from some fancy brand with big promises, but they are very reasonably priced & they still manage to be good. I loved the tubes too, they’re all flip-tops. The fragrances are a big pro for me, but you might not like them if you aren’t into fruit fragrances.
I will definitely buy them again!

Lakmé Pear Butter Deep Hydrating Mask (Rs 150 for 50gms)
Information about product: Rescue and rejuvenate rough, flaky skin with pears and pure shea butter. Formulated for deep cleansing and intense hydration, this mask complements any skin care routine. Soft, buttery yet grainy textured pears are rich in vitamin C and K that help revitalize your skin. Shea butter helps moisturise the skin, promoting cell renewal.
What I thought: This product has a thick creamy texture, reminds me of those super greasy face creams my aunt used. It looks white on the face at first but almost disappears a few minutes later. I must admit this was not as easy to remove as I liked.
Overall, if you ask me how much I liked this I would say ‘not much’. It’s not a bad product, but as I have oily skin this didn’t do much for me. It’s rather greasy. But my mom who has dry skin rather liked it. So girls who have dry skin will love this, especially during winter.
Will I buy it again? Not for myself. My mom, however might buy it.

Also, I would like to thank my mom for helping by trying these out too & letting me know what she thought.

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