I know I haven’t been posting many pictures lately, so I came up with a new way to share them: My Week in Pictures. 🙂
All the pretty things that I’ve seen/got/done this week. I hope to post every Sunday.
This post is picture heavy but there are some pretty things in here, do have a look.

Everything posted in Chronological order, starting from last Sunday (20th March 2011)
On Sunday…

I got these two hats (felt bowler & paper trillby) came to me from Auckland, New Zealand. A gift from my mom’s friends. I had asked them to get me some hats because there are hardly any good ones available here. Thanks A. Lygia & A Sylvina. <3

On Monday…

I got this  gorgeous hand-painted bag from Aarti of Art Meets Fashion. I won it in a giveaway on her blog. It really is so stunning & completely one of a kind. One photo cannot show you how beautiful it is, so I am going to dedicate a whole post on my style blog to it, really soon!

On Tuesday…

I got a new book: Truly, Madly, Deeply! by Faraaz Kazi & started reading it.

On Thursday…

I got hold of my Yamaha SHS-10, purchased when I was five! Also, I got some very happy news about it. The story is worthy of a Pixar movie, & I will post about it in the next few days. (Also, I <3 my childhood!)

On Friday…

I went shopping with mom, for food stuff mostly (Dijon mustard stock was running low! I use a lot of it for devilled eggs & honey mustard dressing too). Since my holidays have started, I am planning to bake a lot, so I bought a lot of baking supplies & ingredients. These cupcake liners & star sprinkles were the prettiest.

We then had rose falooda to reward ourselves for a successful shopping excursion.

I also got this super cute tee from my mom’s friend (same one who got me the hats!) I love that red bow.
When I got back, a lot of stuff from the post & couriers was waitings for me…

First, this Criminal Minds coffee mug. You guys know how upset I’ve been that Prentiss is no longer going to be a part of this awesome once awesome show. I can go on ranting about the shitty decisions that CBS executives make, but I’d rather not. So I ordered this mug to cheer me up. In case you’re wondering this is not official merchandise. I’m not sure about the availability of official merchandise, besides, it would be insane to get something like that shipped from USA (and make those evil CBS execs rich). So I just found a high-red image off the internet (fun fact: this is also my current desktop picture) & used a very popular photo printing website to get this printed on a coffee mug. I love it to bits, because this is the team at my favorite stage: Season 5, while JJ & Prentiss were still a part of the show.

Second, this E25 Blending Brush (travel size) from Sigma arrived. The shipping was very quick! The brush feels heavenly on my skin, expect a review of it on my style blog within a few days.

Third, this LipIce sheer color might just be one of the most amazing & reasonably priced lip products out there (possible exaggeration there. But i really think it’s magical!) Expect a review of this too on my style blog.

On Saturday…

Some more childhood nostalgia! (If you’re curious about what this is, don’t fret. A blog post is coming up soon in which this will feature extensively!)

Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies, for the first time ever (with mom’s help). And guess what? They turned out awesome! I am so happy. 🙂 Baking is magical, I tell you.
If you guys are interested in the recipe let me know!

I had an awesome & fulfilling week, how about you?
And lots of super exciting things are going to be happening this coming week.