Despite postal delays & customs fees, I seem to have fallen in love with Asos. Here is some stuff from two of my latest orders (& possibly last, my mom has banned me from doing any overseas internet shopping, with good reason. Having to stay home all day, lost packages & high customs fees are no longer worth it. I am still allowed to shop online on Indian sites, though!)
Anyway, here’s the stuff I got. As I said, I have combined two orders in to one post.

Straw Boater Hat
You might not know this but I have wanted a straw boater hat since forever. I have gone to surprising lengths to get one, to no avail. Anyway, I was a bit apprehensive about ordering a hat from Asos, seeing as how international orders can sometimes reach in a rather battered state. But I went ahead & did it anyway. Asos sent it in a super-huge box, so it was in pretty perfect condition. This is not exactly as I would have envisioned my perfect boater hat (my perfect one would have probably has black ribbon with white polka dots). Yet it comes pretty close to perfect. The straw looks & feels good. It actually fits my somewhat large head pretty well. I am glad. Can’t wait to wear it for my upcoming vacations. 🙂

Lace Crop Corset
I bought this because I’ve never had a corset/bralet & because it reminded me of those uber cute topshop ones. My mom was mad at me for spending the amount I did on a bra (when I wasn’t even sure about how it was going to fit) I totally agree with her, it was a complete impulse buy. I am not super happy with it (the description states ‘underwire support’ though there is no underwire!!) But I still think it’s rather cute. A girl is allowed to splurge on cute lingerie once in a while, right?

Enamelled Heart Ring
Another impulse buy. I am usually a fan of statement/eye catching jewellery but I love this one for it subtlety. I it!

Anchor Double Ring
My first double ring! I ♥ anything nautical (as you can probably tell from the name of this blog). So when I saw this I had to have it. Asos Size S rings have always been a tad loose for me, but this is just too loose. *sigh*. But I will make do, because I love it that much! My mom found it too gaudy, & my dad promptly wanted to try it on (he is a merchant mariner & the main reason for my sea-obsession is that mom & me have sailed with him for a few years when I was a kid). He doesn’t wear flashy jewellery (or any jewellery other than his wedding ring!) but he kept arguing with me that this ring is not a female ring but unisex. And no, it didn’t fit him either! 😉

What do you think of this haul? And what are is your favorite? I’d love to know.

Much ♥ ,