Hi lovely readers! Today I’ve decided to review one of my favorite products, Walgreens Chap-Aid Lip balm in two variants – Cherry & Moisturizer.
First I’m gonna review
Walgreens Chap-Aid Lip Balm (Cherry)
Cost: $0.99 for 4.3gms (0.15 OZ) [This was gifted to me by an aunt from USA]

Forgive the goopy look, this was taken
after it had melted!

I feel I can review this product well because it was my go-to lip product all winter! It’s almost over now. I loved the fruit cherry fragrance & it left my lips feeling rather smooth. So I’m going to try & summarize it.

✓ Inexpensive.
✓ Pleasant Cherry Fragrance.
✓ Moisturizing & left my lips feeling soft.
✓ All the ingredients are clearly listed on it.

✗ Just SPF 4 (more would have been nice).
✗ Melted when I carried it with me in my  pocket. I tried refrigerating but it didn’t get it’s earlier texture back.

Walgreens Chap-Aid Lip Balm (Moisturizer)

Cost: $0.99 for 4.3gms (0.15 OZ)

My mom joked about how I’m doing a chap stick review after winter is over, but I’m doing it because I don’t think chap sticks are just winter products. Sure, lips get dryer in winter but just like you’re supposed to moisturize all the time I think everyone should use a chap stick too! While I used the cherry variant all winter this is the one I am using at the moment. The products are both very similar, except that the cherry one has a cherry fragrance and this one doesn’t (it doesn’t state a fragrance but there is a very mild vanilla fragrance). Also, the SPF amount of the two differs, the cherry one is SPF 4 while this is SPF 15. So I am going to do pros & cons for this one too, and there will obviously be repeat points.

✓ Inexpensive.
✓ SPF 15.
✓ Keeps lips soft & protects them from the sun too.
✓ All the ingredients clearly listed.

I can’t think of any!

Final verdict: This is nothing too fancy, just a drug store chapstick that is reasonably priced & does what it promises. I am rather happy with it.

Will I buy it again? I don’t think so. I like it, but this is going to take a while to get over & after that I’ll just need a change!

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