A few days ago I went with my family to Bistro Grill (the Powai outlet). It promises the ‘real taste of Arabia’.
The ambience was lovely, staff was friendly & helpful.
Here are some photos-

After Mezbaan I think I am obsessed with clicking photos of the tumblr the water is served in. There it was copper, here clay!

The coffee & chocolate milkshake that I had. I loved it.

The kiwi cranberry smoothie that mom had. It contained kiwi, milk, fresh cream, honey & cranberry juice. It was a little too sweet but she liked it nonetheless.

This is what dad had- Purple Rain. A mocktail containing Blue Curacao, Grenadine Syrup & Sprite. This was awesome. It was lemony & fresh tasting.

The chicken platter. This was the suggestion of the maitre d’ (who also took our orders). It was supposed to serve two but I think three can have this too (especially since we had been to KFC an hour before). It was delish! It came with some fries & salad…

…And Pita Bread. Authentic Pita Bread is supposed to be puffy, but this was more on the lines of an under-cooked roti. But I’m not complaining, really. I like it when restaurants adapt foreign dishes to suit local tastes, I just don’t think they should call it authentic, then.

And here we have the assorted chutneys & pickled veggies (chilly, carrot & cucumber).

And last but not the least, Chicken Shawarma. I was too full to eat by this point but it got the stamp of approval from Dad, so it was great too!

And now for a few (somewhat gratuitous) family photos-

My dad makes a super rare appearance on my blog.

Mom & Me.

I totally recommend Bistro Grill, good service, great food & it’s not exorbitantly priced either. I will be going back there…