My most anticipated shoes purchase of the year ever is here!
When I first heard about Doc Martens, I instantly fell in love with everything they stood for. Alternative & Rock Music. The 90s. And so much more. And ever since I read about them I’ve wanted a pair of my own. But the price was a bit steep. And I had so many doubts… about the sizing, about how they would look on my legs (I can never find good boots because of my skinny legs. Mom calls them hockey sticks). But finally I decided that I would stop procrastinating & get them. If they ran too large I would wear thicker socks. If they were too loose on my calves I would wear them over skinny jeans. So I went ahead & ordered my dream pair.
1B99 in white.
my original choice was the shorter, hot pink patent leather ones 
but I (sensibly) decided on a more neutral color that I can wear with a wider range of clothes!

On Saturday these absofreakinlutely awesome steel toed babies arrived. I was excited but a little nervous. How would they fit?? Eeek.

And then I tried them on. They’re tough to get into even with the zip aspect. But when they did get on, they just felt so right! The foot fit very comfortably, the shape & steel toe means that all my toes have enough room! And they fit quite close even on my calves. These babies really couldn’t be any more perfect. Of course I’ve heard that they can be a total bitch to break in, but I can deal with it!

wearing my brand new docs with my bumblebee otk socks (which complement them perfectly btw)

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