Here I am with another my week in pictures post.

On Monday…
Went to the fish market with mom. Saw some cute cats!  >^..^<

It was kinda late & dimly lit so my iPod photos were all quite noisy. But I think this one looks cute in an artistic way. Also, that place is always crawling with cats. They’re everywhere! I counted 14 or 15 last time.
We got some kesar kulfi on the way home.

I really did want to crop the obese lady out of the picture but mom convinced me that it wouldn’t be a photo anymore if I selectively cropped people out.
Later on we had Tuna Salad for dinner.

Cats? Tuna? I sense a feline theme here.

On Tuesday…
Mom & me roamed around Bandra. That’s always fun! ^_^
We saw one of my favorite colonial bungalows. (The ones with really sharp memory will remember this from my project 365 blog.

This time I played around in photoshop a bit & made it look like an old photo. What do you think?
We came across this horribly warped pine tree that has grown to about five or six storeys high. Not manipulated, I promise!

Also, I got new shoes!

I got the perfect pair of suede oxfords. Completely flat, just how I like them!
I took this photo in a real hurry so please overlook the fact that I didn’t remove the stuffing paper. Also, I actually placed them on a table! They’re new… still. Mom’s gonna kill me.

On Wednesday…
I met my college friends after a few weeks & spent some quality time with them. No photos, though.

On Thursday…
Mom bought me some 35mm film in anticipation (and just in time!)…

Film brings back lovely memories.

On Saturday…
I got my Lomography ActionSampler

AND AND AND MY DOC MARTENS. I am in love with these shoes. So fricking awesome.

These 1B99 steel toed 14 eyed boots are my most expensive shoes yet. But so worth it.

On Sunday…
(Belated) Happy Easter!

I hope you had an awesome week!