Remember my post on copy & paste ‘blogger’ Ankit?
He is definitely not the only one of his kind. It has emerged that a supposedly famous blogger, Sourav Pandey has been doing this, a lot. He is quite the expert actually. He steals people’s wonderful but undiscovered older writings from blogs & deviantart. Makes some very minor changes with words. Then posts it. You know what is worse than that? This CREEP actually posts these shitty messages on his posts to make it seem like he has written them.
Such as:
“Hello friends!
This is not a work of fiction. I had a very strange dream last night, and it is not very unusual for me. I am always in two minds to put such dreams/thoughts into words, but this time I really want to know if any meaning can be inferred out of them! You are allowed to call me mad or you can be nice enough to leave your views after reading it completely. Please do not leave half-baked comments, as this is a very personal post!
Did you read the message above? This sick guy has written it on a post that he has lifted off someone’s deviantart page. He makes me sick to my stomach. Seriously.
It has also emerged that almost all his posts are copied, but he conveniently has comment moderation enabled so he only publishes the comments praising his posts. (That is why I don’t have comment moderation enabled, you are free to say whatever you wish.)
Indiblogger has done a post exposing the said creep, you should check it out. Also, please retweet their post, & blog about it too because more people should know about sickos like this.
Also, they have urged him to come clean on his blog about all the plagiarism. Personally, I don’t think such lying thieving cheats know the difference between right & wrong. But let’s see if he actually has the guts to do the right thing.

Update: Those of you following the whole controversy know what happened & how the culprit behaved after he was cornered. Don’t want to get in to it now, all I want to say is that I stand by what I said, because I am willing to fight for what I believe in. Also, thank you so so so much for all the encouraging & praising emails, tweets & comments. You definitely helped in my fight by reassuring. And yes each & every one of you made my day. Thanks again, I have never been happier or proud of being a blogger. 🙂