If you read my last post you will know that I ordered a Lomography La Sardina just an hour after it’s release. Since it ships via DHL I actually had it with me day before yesterday afternoon, was just a bit lazy to post these pictures. Anyway, here is a photo session with the little cutie.

It arrived safely in this box with gargantuan bubble wrap.
Main stuff in the box- The camera, flash (the flash is actually named Fritz the Blitz, how awesome is that??), lens cap, & three filters & one diffuser for the flash.

This is Fritz the Blitz, the flash. It’s being touted as Lomography’s most powerful flash, ever!

The front.

The back. I frickin’ love the back.

The instruction leaflet. This is the front, it has these really great illustration of different fish cans. The back has instructions in all major languages.

All Lomography cameras come with a booklet or booklet with sample images, simple tips & of course the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography! I love this one. The texture of the paper is amazing. 🙂

So here was a first look at this lovely new addition to my small (but growing) film camera collection. If I were to judge this camera on looks alone, I’d give it an A++. I love it! So quirky & kitschy. This camera grabs so much attention! I generally hate grabbing attention but it sure is amusing to see people’s perplexed expressions while they try to figure out why I’m jumping around in public with a toy. (Yes, everyone assumes it’s a toy. Everyone).
Again, I just cannot stress on how much I love the looks of this camera. It puts all my other drab cameras to shame, it’s so pretty & it just fills me with happiness whenever I look at it. I think I am in love.
Very happy with this purchase for now (how it was sent & how it looks), but I sure do hope it performs nicely too, I love the sample images. I am carrying this camera with me everywhere, to college, restaurants, the manicurists & just about anywhere else.
I am dying to try out Flitz the Blitz too (the flash, if you don’t know already!) It’s got three distance settings & is supposed to be super powerful. One obstacle is that it uses a CR123A battery, those are somewhat hard to find. I know where I would get one in Fort, but the next few days are completely booked for me, hoping to find one somewhere here. I asked three shops. They all claimed to have it, searched their stores, & then realized that they didn’t.
Can’t wait!!