Richard Dreyfuss did the voiceover for the first Think Different commercial ‘The Crazy Ones‘ that aired in 1997 on TV.
The video above is a never before seen heard version narrated by Steve Jobs himself.
Here is an excerpt about this video from death+taxes mag.
And whereas Richard Dreyfuss’s narration sounds like a thespian reading lines, Jobs’ voice, though recorded almost 15 years ago, sounds as though it were coming back across the aether to remind us that we should always try to push humankind forward, not regress as a certain element in this country and the world would have us do.
And, yes, the ad was part of a clever marketing campaign but Jobs certainly believed what he was saying. Everything he and Apple ever did seems to have been a break with the status quo.
And if we can adapt this message to our time, in our current political and economic situation, we might say that it is time for this country of rebels to break with the biggest status quo mechanism of all—voting; that it now takes more than that and we need the full force of vision and problem-solving available to us, and not filtered by politicians.
Go change the world, don’t wait for it to happen by voting for a representative, a senator and a president.
None of the individuals featured in the video, and all who were not, ever asked permission to push forward.
Steve Jobs’ death made me really sad. The world lost a great innovator, a visionary & above all that an amazing person.