Let me introduce you guys to my newest camera- The wonderful Canon A-1.
I ordered it some time ago off ebay, & it finally arrived a few days ago. It didn’t come cheap but the kit seems wonderful! It is came with it’s original box, & two FD lenses (the 50mm f1.8 & 28mm f2.8) & the original strap, (that was never used!)
Cosmetically it is in almost mint condition. The seller was kind enough to put in a new battery so I could start playing with it right away.
I have always wanted a film SLR. I tried to use my Dad’s Olympus OM10, but even after a trip to the repair shop the mirror keeps getting stuck.
When I read up on this amazing camera I knew I wanted it. It has all the features one could want in a classic SLR. OK, maybe I should stop gushing so much, seeing as how I haven’t even tested it with film yet (first roll in progress), but I have a good feeling about this. The camera is completely manual focus, that might hinder my speed a little, but it does have a split image rangefinder focussing aid, for precise focussing (no zone focussing guesswork like the LC-A!)
Cannot wait to try B&W and higher ASA films with this baby.
On the personal front, my parents left on a little vacation a few days ago, & I have been enjoying myself doing absolutely nothing. I gave (& by that I mean forced them) to take two cameras, the Canon Rebel xs & Fuji Instax mini. They are not so much for constantly clicking photos like I am, but I do hope they bring back some awesome photos which I will definitely share here.
I have just rediscovered how much of a homebody I really am, they’ve been gone four days & I haven’t even stepped out of the home once. Yes. The closest I’ve gone to the main door is to pick up the newspaper every morning, & accept the occasional courier / fedex parcel (my awesome hunter wellies arrived, yay!)
Never having to get out of your pyjamas is am amazing thing. But I am going to go out one of these days, I don’t want to forget what direct sunlight feels like.
I will keep you guys posted.


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