When I heard of tattly a few months ago I dismissed it at first. Temporary tattoos to me are the ones you get free with Japanese chewing gum & they are for kids (even as a kid I hated them).
But I read on: Tattly was started by Tina Roth Eisenberg (swiss miss!) out of her frustration that temporary children tattoos are often hideous looking. Think Clip Art gone Tattoo. She was ready to put designy, cool, typographic tattoos on her daughter’s arm. Tattly was born.
When you have such an all-star line up of designers submitting designs, there’s not much that can go wrong. Yay for a fun-loving design community that was in for the ride.
Tattly has designer temporary tattoos by so many great artists including two I really like Julia Rothman & Mark Johns.
Though I love getting tattooed for real (with a needle, you know) I find myself loving the idea of temporary tattoos. They’re fun! A new one every week. 🙂
Check out their super fun promo video-

During November & December they ran a limited period subscription offer- You pay $60 (+$15 international shipping) & you one tin & then every month (for six months) with the latest tattly designs. I found it kind of steep especially since I was broke but I liked the designs & the idea of getting a new tin full of these pretty things every month so I just couldn’t resist.
Yesterday my first tattlys arrived! I was slightly sad that the tin was beaten up, but oh well, Indian post truly sucks.

I love each & every one of them (except maybe the scribbles). Can’t wait to use these & see what I get next month.


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