So this is something I happened to splurge on a few months ago…

I ordered them from a dealer in London, that’s how I was able to get my hands on Tears For Fears, David Bowie & Pet Shop Boys. No chance ever of getting them locally. Also they were the first records I ever bought, it was very exciting for me. They were slightly expensive but worth it – even though they’re all vintage they’re practically mint.
Also I have two of these (with the exact same cover art) on CD as well (from my dad’s collection, also from the 80s) : Tears For FearsSongs from the Big Chair & Neil DiamondMoods.
I now have a lot more records (maybe about thirty, I haven’t counted). Bought some from a local guy & bought the rest from a man in New Zealand, he knew I liked Tears For Fears so he included an extra EP of theirs.
I now have all the Tears For Fears albums on vinyl except their last one, released in 2004 so it didn’t come out on vinyl. And I’m glad I had the good sense to pick up David Bowie’s best of compilations as well, this was before I really discovered his discography.
Music remains very important to me. Though I do listen to some modern music sporadically (I was a huge hip hop fan in my early teens) I happen to dislike almost all music being made now. I do love certain genres & certain era… 80’s synthpop, 70’s glamrock, some classic rock & a little folk. It’s kind of like the quote-
I don’t like country & western. I don’t like rock music, I don’t like rockability or rock & roll particularly. I don’t like much, really, do I? But what I do like, I love passionately.
Chris Lowe (Pet Shop Boys)
We have family we’re close to in Bandra. They have neighbors who they dislike, because these neighbors trouble them by blaring music very loudly at almost all times of the day, unmindful of aged or kids that will be disturbed. Still every time I visit this family I love their neighbors a little more just for their kickass taste in music (also they have a great sound system, I can definitely tell). I was just there earlier today & the neighbors were playing The Police, Spandau Ballet, The Eagles, and many more. And when we were leaving our relatives’ house today, I told my mom I would marry into that house. Yes, I told my mom I would be willing to indulge in a custom I don’t particularly care for, into a house where I don’t know anyone. That is how crazy excited I get when I find someone with similar taste in music as me (which is rare).
Now all that remains is to get an awesome turntable. And speakers. And a table/stand that houses the turntable & the records. *sigh*


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