Yesterday mom & me dined at Micky Mao’s a Chinese restaurant at Malad. We had Ice tea & sizzlers – a meal served on a sizzling platter (it really hisses!)
Mom had the Prawn Chili Oyster Sauce meal & I had Paneer (Cottage Cheese), Mushroom & Babycorn in Hunan Sauce. They were both delicious. Afterwards we were served dessert on the house.
There was a large LCD TV in the dining area & when we were eating, we saw (quite by accident) Sachin Tendulkar’s score his landmark 100th century (he is the first person to do it!) We don’t usually watch cricket (ever!) but it was still a happy moment for us.
Best dining experience in a while. Later we wandered into the nearby mall (which has a Zara outlet!) & I got myself this lovely blazer. Also, if you’re looking for more Zara clothing or shoes, check out these coupons for
So ever since I’ve got the new camera I’m enthusiastic to take more photos of everything. So I’m going to take a lot more photos of food & drink. 🙂
Also I have to mention that I leave for Mangalore tomorrow. From there I will be going to Goa, then I will be back sometime mid-April (I will be spending my 20th birthday in Goa!) Internet access will be very limited. I will be scheduling a good amount of photography posts, & I’d really love for you to keep visting & sharing your thoughts on the pictures. I will be replying to comments & emails & catching up with blog-visiting when I get back. I truly will miss the blogosphere. I hope to get a lot of good photos from this trip considering it’s the last time we’ll be going to Mangalore in a while.

Lots of Love,

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