I know with all of the updates on my lifestyle/photography blog Life etc. I haven’t been paying as much attention to this blog as I should have!
Here are is a personal style post of what I wore to a Golden Wedding Anniversary last year. I don’t much care about being on trend so I’m posting them almost a year late.

J.Crew Satin Rosette  //  Mango dress  //  Bata shoes  //  Foce wrist watch  //  Gold & Diamond ring from some jeweller  //  Viola Gold & Enamel Cherry Pendant  //  Rosato Charm Bracelet
I’m lucky to have a mom who loves buying gold & diamond jewellery. She’s bought me a lot of stuff that I don’t wear much. I usually prefer white gold but I thought this jewellery went well with my dress as well the theme of the event. Completing 50 Years of Marriage is an admirable feat!
And I had to wear flats because I was helping with photography that evening. I wish I had time then to shop for more glam flats but these were lying home unused so I just went with them.
The other photographer got a picture of me doing my thing!

Photo of me dancing the wedding march:

And trivia about this photo: I don’t dance. I hate dancing. A couple of people came & asked me but I politely declined. Then just a minute or so before the dance started, my mom’s good friend (daughter of the couple) called out to me from the other side of the grounds, with the scariest eyes I have ever seen & I was forced to go dance.
It brought back memories of a few years ago when I was the flower girl at a wedding & the kept calling the flower girl/page boy/bridesmaid/best man out to dance & I wanted to hide under the table. And I didn’t dance then. Haha.