Ever since I left the big city & moved to a tiny village, I’ve been inspired to dress up more – even if there’s nowhere special to go. I think there’s just something about how lush & pristine it looks here. And I’ve been finding inspiration in an unlikely place – my own closet! It’s been fun putting together outfits that have both new pieces as well as pieces that I’ve owned for over a decade! I thought I’d share some of my recent favourite things to rewear & provide some pointers if you’re looking to give your old clothes some love.

Get Good Basics

I firmly believe that it’s important to invest in well-made basic pieces before fun, statement ones. I especially love buying denim jeans, shorts & skirts – I make sure to get medium to heavy weight 100% cotton clothing as stretch definitely wears out over time. I also don’t mind spending more on good quality shoes & accessories (think fine jewellery such as dainty rings & watches with metal straps).

Don’t Be Boring

While this may contradict my previous point, I don’t think your entire wardrobe should be staid to help it’s longevity. Take this outfit I put together a few weeks ago-

The top is a relatively recent purchase from Uniqlo, but the skirt and I go waaaaaayyyy back. It was an impulse purchase from the famous Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok, back in 2009! In the 14 years since, I’ve gone through different hairstyles & overall phases, but I’ve found ways to incorporate this fun piece into my looks.

In fact, the uniqueness of this piece is the main reason I keep going back to it – the explosion of colours means that I can pair it with almost any other colour & still look somewhat co-ordinated. My first few times wearing it, I even styled it as a top rather than a skirt. So don’t be afraid to pick some have clothing with personality in your wardrobe!

All of the articles about rewearing will stress on buying timeless pieces. But I’m someone who enjoys trends & I definitely do indulge in them, whether they’re ripped jeans, doc martens or anything else.

Here’s me wearing the same Y2K style top, again 14 years apart (I guess I bought a lot of nice things in 2009?) It’s from the brand Remanika. While it was on trend when I bought it, wearing it in subsequent years would’ve probably looked a little dated. But it’s 2023 now, & Y2K is back, baby!

I no longer obsess over silver jewellery, I took out my nose piercing (& got several tattoos) & learnt what to do with my hair (it was wavy!) but I’m still rocking the same top. SO if you have something that you think might look painfully unfashionable, just wait a couple of years & it’s likely to be on trend again. x