I am in love with my Polaroid 420 land camera! (that photo of me was taken by mom) It was inexpensive to buy, film is reasonably priced & the colors are superb. So what if it’s a heavy, large & slightly cumbersome to operate? I don’t hate the attention I get when I’m using it. I’m going to do a little how to post on using land cameras very soon.
There was a mother cat + three kittens in the home for the aged in Mangalore. They mother was chilled out & I got to pet her multiple times; no such luck with the kittens though. I love how the the photo of the two kittens looks almost like some kind of optical illusion because they were crouched so close by & there was a leaf in front.
Since the last couple of years, Mangalore is a muddy mess because roads are being widened & paved everywhere. And I’m not even sure if that’s a good thing with the amount of accidents there due to negligent & rash driving.


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