I know I’ve been a slacker when it comes to updating this blog, but I’m definitely fixing that now!
Here is an outfit I wore around this time last year in Goa.
Pantaloons tshirt (a few years old)  //  Patchwork skirt from Bangkok  //  Wooden bead necklace (gift from mom)  //  Kolhapuris chappals (sandals) from Bandra
Looking at these photos again makes me kinda nostalgic, I remember how we had to leave early & I was so sleepy. I just had a coffee, threw these clothes (thank God I kept them ready the previous night), put on some kohl & left. These pictures were taken just outside out room… my eyes were still a tad puffy from sleep & the condensation from the air conditioner on my lens & filter caused this subtle haze in the photos, which I absolutely love. Happy accidents are probably my favorite thing about photography, both digital & analog.
I’m a hippie at heart & when I visit Goa, I like to dress the part. Goa makes me feel comfortable, relaxed & a lot less inhibited. Last year in Goa, I was mostly in skimpier clothing but this was a day that we were going to visit a few churches in Old Goa & I dressed appropriately. I seemed to really surprise the people we were on vacation with, they’re mom’s old friends who I don’t meet much & they seemed to think I always dressed like that & were surprised that I owned decent clothes as well. 😀
And I’m totally ending this post with a self portrait I took when I was stuck in the car forever because I was too lazy to go shopping with the others in the sweltering heat.