The first picture is of a wild star-shaped flower that has been growing in Goa since I was little. I don’t think it’s a native plant. I have always been fascinated by it but my grandma told me not to touch it as it might cause itching. I’m sure that’s not the case, but I still haven’t touched it.
The Margao post office had a cheery new coat of paint when we were there last month. The last photo is a mango tree, with raw mangoes (we call them kairies in hindi) hanging from it.
I’m just back from a one week mini vacation in the city itself. We checked in to a nice hotel, & crept away from out daily routines for a while. The best part is that it’s just 15 minutes away from home. Now that I’m back I have a lot of stuff to do, & I’m diving into it right away starting… tomorrow!

Happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere! Especially mine. 🙂


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