Last month when we were in Goa, mom & me went to pay the water bill for our home there. Dad usually does it, but since he’s still sailing we decided to get it done!
To get to the place you have to climb a sloping road for a while (in the afternoon, it’s was so hot!). Then you have to actually climb a steep hill. The path was muddy & laden with loose tiles, plus a small pipe had burst so there was a lot of moss on a couple of steps, it was kinda scary (but these are everyday adventures in Goa, amirite?!)
When we reached the top I got a phone call from a friend & as I stopped there to talk to him (& catch my breath) I started to take in the sights around me. We were at the top of the hill & it offered a nice panoramic view of the area, we couldn’t feel the scorching heat anymore because of the shade of trees that were over a century old & the place where the water bill had to be paid looked a little like a Buddhist monastery to me, even the decorative paper bunting looked like prayer flags. I don’t think these pictures captured how unconventionally beautiful the place was but I had to give it a try.


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