Some stuff I’ve got this week.
1. Morphy Richards Oven Toaster Grill
Our trusty Rico OTG stopped functioning properly a couple of weeks ago, & we finally got a new one! I find it pretty fancy, & we inaugurated it last night with Shepherd’s Pie, a favorite at home.

2. Olympus Pen EE-2
I met Brian Martins of Foto Martin who gave me this lovely camera (it used to belong to his in-laws). It’s a half frame camera (like my Golden Half) except this is the real deal, with a glass lens & automatic exposure. It was produced between 1968 to 1977. There’s a lot of dust in the lens so it will have to take a trip to the camera repair shop for some TLC, but otherwise it seems good. It doesn’t need batteries, it works on the selenium meter (around the lens!) but those sometimes die over time so I’m a bit worried about this one. But oh well, let’s get it cleaned up & see!

sidenote: I have so many analog cameras I’ve yet to try! *sigh* I really need to step my game up.


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