All photos by Unaiza Merchant.

So last week I met Unaiza to show her the photo lab I use to get my film processed (best in the city!) & then we went to Mahim to see the newly painted wall at Tulsi Pipe Road. The wall where the paintings are done has a very narrow footpath, so we stood like daredevils on the extremely narrow dividers at the middle of the road for wider photos, traffic speeding by on both sides (we’re trained professionals untrained amateurs, don’t try it yourself!) I didn’t get any good photos with my dslr (hoping the LC-A / Wide & Slim slim shots will be better). I did get a nice portrait of Unaiza on the Polaroid though, will put up a proper scan soon. Later we had sandwiches & smoothies at Love & Latte & talked about how she doesn’t like mangoes or sprinkles & I don’t know to swim, skate or bicycle. And even later Unaiza stumbled on a small treasure trove of expired film. It was a good day.


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