Today I’m going to introduce my newest analog acquisition to you, the Polaroid SX-70. This is definitely one of my favorite cameras already, by history alone. It is a Polaroid SLR first introduced in 1971 & such a huge technological advancement of it’s time (just like the Canon A-1 in 35mm film SLRs). Polaroid no longer makes film for it, sadly but there is always the Impossible Project (their film may not be ‘up to the mark’ just yet because they had to reinvent Polaroid film but I’m sure they will get there soon).
After I purchased the camera, it had to go through so many steps to get to me (thank you Prashant for helping me get this!) The camera came with the original leather bag, all the original papers (including the registration card that was never filled out), the extension strap etc. Looks like the original buyer didn’t use it much, it’s basically mint condition (& I really really love getting vintage cameras in mint condition).

Since I was a child I have been obsessed with Polaroids… we came close to getting one (a Barbie Polaroid 600 camera) when I was 9 but didn’t (I regret that, I wish I had got to try original Polaroid film). This is one of my most expensive analog cameras (it came very close to what I paid for the Canon A-1). I haven’t tested it with film yet. As much as I yearn to try it, I’m trying to be a grownup  when it comes to money & there are a few things higher on my priority list. Soon, soon.

The SX-70 + Instant Love book = Perfect.

Here is an absolutely fascinating Orientation film from 1972 on Polaroid SX-70s. I’ve been watching it again & again for a few months now (since before I purchased the camera!) & it’s beautiful.

I’m very very excited about this.


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