It’s not too often that I share other people’s photography on this blog, but when I saw this series by my friend Akshay Bhoan, I knew you had to see it!
Akshay was nearing the end of the roll of film & wanted to finish it so he could give it to the photo lab. This is what he came up with.

Taxis in Dilli (Delhi) are Ambassadors while taxis in Bombay (Mumbai) are Premier Padminis (sometimes called Fiats) though there are some newer, more compact taxis too (like the one on the right in the last photo). I love how creative & whimsical this series is. I know all the locations where these photos were taken (Mumbai being my city & all) & that makes it all the more special to me!
Akshay is a professional photographer who shoots almost exclusively with film, you can keep up with his work by checking out his blog, facebook page & website!