Have you heard of Smith Journal? It’s an quarterly publication based in Australia from the creators of the famed Frankie magazine. While frankie is for women, the smith journal is for discerning gents (and ladies who like reading about discerning gents).

I don’t read many magazines. There are very few Indian publications of quality; the two I tend to read are GoodHomes magazine & Rolling Stone (especially when they do a feature on Ziggy Stardust!) Reader’s Digest is shit since India Today group took over.
But Smith Journal? It was a treat. First of all the lovely thick matte paper it’s printed on. It’s filled with articles that are great to read, alongside beautiful photography. Seriously guys, I can’t believe I’m gushing over a magazine, but I am. *swoon*
This post is a little late, & vol.3 is out tomorrow!
Also a huge thank you to Melly, who actually sent me this copy from Singapore when I was whining on instagram about it not being available here. She also sent me this sweet postcard & filled the mailer with colorful mini origami cranes. Best package ever. ♥

I am tempted to subscribe to Smith Journal, but I still have reservations of over an international subscription, thanks to not always reliable Indian postal services (also, who I am kidding, with being a grown up comes big words like budgeting & prioritizing, so there.)


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