Connaught Place was first place we ventured into (other than Greater Kailash where we were staying) in Delhi.
Haldiram’s is known the world over for their Indian snacks, usually dry & sold in packets. In some cities, they have self service eateries like this, selling popular Indian street food but in a hygienic way (also a lot more expensive). Our plan was to just have something very snacky, we were going to have lunch at a more traditional place. But in the end, the portions here ended up rather large & we were full.

My dad ordered Pav Bhaji, not sure why, because you obviously get the best Pav Bhaji in Bombay! They gave us some weird burger bun shaped thing instead of actual pav (a specific type of bread). How can you have pav bhaji without pav?!

I sort of forget what these two were called. Typical Indian chaats – filled with tomato, potato & other crunchy stuff, topped with sev, masala chana daal (chickpeas), curd, spicy & sweet chutneys.
Lassi, a yoghurt based drink.

Throughout any food posts I put about Delhi, you will see me grumblings about one thing – the autofocus on my new camera (Fuji X100). The camera beeps & I see the square turn green, meaning the picture is in focus so I take the shot. But now I’ve been noticing that the autofocus is sadly unreliable to some extent. The pictures look fine enough on the small screen but when I upload them to the mac I saw that they aren’t! Must keep in mind!