I’m interrupting Delhi posts, just for today. Candace Pereira, wedding planner at Marry Me – The Wedding Planners launched her store Marry Me – The Store yesterday. I may have dismissed it slightly when I first heard of it – hey, I have no plans to get married any time soon, why would I go to a wedding store?
Well, as I found out, the store is more of a gift store not in any way restricted to weddings. I was there for the launch party yesterday & fell in love with the entire place. It was very crowded, but here are a few shots I did manage to snap, just showing you little corners of the place.

The stationery area – love those trousseau boxes.
A small section of the area dedicated to décor.

Mini treats at the party!

Some of my favorite things were the aforementioned trousseau boxes & cute Russian nesting doll wrapping paper. I love the whole vintage French / old British lady vibe the place has. It was obviously a bit manic yesterday, & I’m definitely going to go check out the place later at a more leisurely pace.
For updates on the store (& more) you can like them on facebook.