As I mentioned earlier, I was really looking forward to visiting Hauz Khas village during my Delhi trip. The Definitive Guide to New Delhi’s Hauz Khas village was definitely useful to me. It’s in no way definitive – HKV has a lot of interesting stores, eateries & galleries (the sheer amount of those coupled with the disorganized vibe can be rather overwhelming) so the guide can help narrow your options down to the tried & tested ones.

I had read about Kunzum travel cafe & though I thought it was a nice concept, I didn’t really want or need coffee or wi-fi so I didn’t plan to go there. But when we were in HKV searching for another place I wanted to visit (Elma’s! you’ll be seeing it here tomorrow) we got pretty tired & hungry. My mom noticed this place & I remembered reading about it, so we went in.

The travel café has a lot of natural light streaming in, & is very laidback with a chilled out atmosphere. One of the first things I notice wherever I go is the music, & here the dude controlling the iPhone dock had good choice – 80’s & 90’s pop (not the thrashy kind, thankfully).

There were a lot of travel books & various other things like magnets with Indian folk prints, Buddha greeting cards etc.

There was also an extensive library in one area.

This place is not a conventional café, in the sense that it doesn’t have menus. You can choose between coffee & many varieties of tea, which are then served to you with some kind of surprisingly tasty wholegrain biscuits.

And this café is basically free, but it obviously has to run so there’s a contribution box near the exit where you can put whatever you’re comfortable with.
The man we met there was very helpful. We asked him directions & because he wasn’t 100% sure, he even offered to call us the establishment & find out. I’d definitely recommend this place to both travellers & local Delhi-ites. They regularly hold a lot of interesting workshops, film screenings & book reading which you can stay informed about by liking them on facebook.