If there is one thing that my mom has always prayed for in our family, it’s not fame or fortune but good health.

I have always been blessed with near-perfect health & never thought twice about it, because health is one of those things that if you’ve had for a while, you think you think it’s absolutely normal, that you deserve it, that you’ll always have it. One of those things that can be taken for granted so easily.

Late last week tests confirmed something I had already known for a few days- I had dengue. Dengue is spread via mosquito bite & India being a tropical country, this time of the year everyone seemed to be getting it. But it’s not something to be taken lightly because too many people have actually being dying with it, especially if they waited too long to start treatment.
Luckily we caught mine pretty early & I was on the road to recovery. I was on treatment at home, even our family doctor who said I was absolutely stable & there was nothing to worry. I was relieved.
But just the next morning I woke up & suddenly felt really horrible. My only other tryst with major illness had been typhoid about five years ago, so I knew recovery wasn’t a bed of roses but I could tell this was bad. My body felt like a stone & I couldn’t even sit up without help. On earlier days, when I felt very sick & low I could at least cry but that day not a single tear would come, I just felt weak & hopeless. I don’t think my mother took me seriously for a few hours but I finally convinced her to take me to the doctor again. This time he took one look at me, checked my blood pressure & said I should get admitted to the hospital. And that was a major moment for me, because I’d never been admitted in a hospital before that. I felt so panicked & yet completely relieved at the same time.
I still remember walking into the Emergency Room of Seven Hills Hospital an hour later, staring into the bright white ceiling while hearing an assortment of beeps. I’m glad to say that it was all uphill from there. The nurses were all lovely (so was my mother- I wouldn’t be alive without her!) & I slowly felt my appetite & energy return. I was discharged yesterday, still have a long way to go to feel like before but I feel so grateful to just be alive.
I understand how a health scare can make you feel more spiritual. To an outsider, it does sound like a very superficial thing to say but on the days I was sick my mind went to some very dark places. I like to think that I’m reasonably brave but I had suddenly turned into a snivelling, whiny coward. Then as I started to get better I felt so flooded with positivity & gratitude. I was suddenly just grateful to be given another chance at life
And believe it or not, I also think this was a great learning experience for me. I’ll definitely cherish the three days I spent in the hospital & proudly tell everyone just how many times I had needles stuck in me (though I wouldn’t sign up for a repeat, no siree.)
Now I just want my energy & appetite levels to come back to normal, & catch up on a ton of overdue work. I hope everything is OK with you, dear readers. All I want to say is that if you’re feeling feverish, do get a blood test because the faster you catch these infections, the better.
Stay Safe!