Tea Trunk lemon green tea (picture from my instagram account // @magali_c

The last couple of weeks have not been very nice, thanks to my Macbook Pro crashing (just a little over 13 months old, I smell a conspiracy… seriously). I still haven’t taken it in to get it accessed, but needless to say I’m terrified after what happened last time. I’ll probably go today, so please send some positive vibes my way!
Watching… Friends (for the first time). It’s got absolutely nothing on Seinfeld, but it’s still pretty good.. not to mention further fuelling my obsession with nineties New York.
Listening… Pet Shop Boy’s New Album (Electric). I’ve had Love is a Bourgeois Construct playing on repeat.
Reading… Beauty Blogs.
Cooking… Mushrooms & new salad combos.
Buying… Makeup & more makeup (somebody stop me). (x2) I’ve never really been into nail polish before but I’m really starting to like it now, & my little polish collection is growing! Hopefully this will spell the end of nail biting for me.
Looking forward to… My mac getting fixed & just generally getting back into the swing of things.