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The last couple of weeks have not been very nice, thanks to my Macbook Pro crashing (just a little over 13 months old, I smell a conspiracy… seriously). I still haven’t taken it in to get it accessed, but needless to say I’m terrified after what happened last time. I’ll probably go today, so please send some positive vibes my way!
Watching… Friends (for the first time). It’s got absolutely nothing on Seinfeld, but it’s still pretty good.. not to mention further fuelling my obsession with nineties New York.
Listening… Pet Shop Boy’s New Album (Electric). I’ve had Love is a Bourgeois Construct playing on repeat.
Reading… Beauty Blogs.
Cooking… Mushrooms & new salad combos.
Buying… Makeup & more makeup (somebody stop me). (x2) I’ve never really been into nail polish before but I’m really starting to like it now, & my little polish collection is growing! Hopefully this will spell the end of nail biting for me.
Looking forward to… My mac getting fixed & just generally getting back into the swing of things.

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  • Roanna Fernandes

    Oh M! Sending lots of love, luck and positive vibes your way! I've been missing your posts the most! Espec. the beauty stuff seeing as I'm itching to get out of my house and meet with you, and talk about all these crazy things. Friends is great, I loooooooooooooooooooooooove the show! Oh yes, NY in the nineties – something you'll like. I even like the transition… 10 years and seasons, the people, the clothes, the fashion! I really miss watching them together (as in, if the show continued) but I suppose it would get weird after a while. They ended it when the time was right. Look at me, all set adrift on memory bliss (eep, remember the BSB version? Haha!)… Good luck to you and baby Mac! Hope everything's well again.

    P.S. I love mushrooms! I like combining them with cheese in my morning omelettes, or simply cooked with a little bit butter, garlic and broccoli… YUM!

  • Many of my friends Macbooks have crashed. Sorry to hear it happened to you too.Yes, do go and show it today itself. you might need to get a backup ….i am not sure what that is but they told me that's what they do now incase of future crashes. So ask them about it.
    wow, you watched Friends for the first time. heheh it was from another decade so would love to know how you feel when you watch it now. for me, it's sort of tiring to see it now maybe because i know most of the seasons and watching it again spoils my fun. but i like having it in the background if am doing some cooking hehe but it's a nice series. reminds me of my college days.
    will check out the pet shop boys. i've been in want of new music though these days am trying to collect some soothing lounge style music to play for ambiance.
    i am on travel mode and it was getting a bit too tiring. i got a day of rest yesterday though. from tomorrow the madness starts all over again. i hope for some relief by the next next Sunday.