Last night we went to the California Pizza Kitchen in Phoenix Mills. We hadn’t planned to eat there, but when I found out an Ice Cream bar I had been wanting to check out for a while seemed to have shut shop, I just wanted to head into the first restaurant I could find to alleviate the pain.
So we ducked into CPK. I’d heard a lot about it, but it was my first time there.

You’d think we’d eat pizza in a place that actually had the word pizza in the name, but no. You see, my mom’s not a fan & I didn’t think I could finish a 9″ one all on my own. So looking at the salads & starters option was our best bet. I had the Spicy Chicken Supreme & Slaw & mom had the Mediterranean Chicken Salad. It was OK, not something I’d have again though.

Mom loves her salads.  And she really loved this one. I’m inclined to agree this time; it was the perfect taste & texture – mildy sweet & crunchy Whenever we’re at a banquet / wedding, salads are literally the only thing she’ll have. And now I’ve found the perfect name for her: crazy salad lady.

It was a very early dinner for us, so that’s all we could eat. I would have really liked to try one of their cheesecakes, but alas we were stuffed (I know I know, I have the stomach of a sparrow).
Other than laughing at their ridiculously priced soft drink menu (80 bucks for a glass of orange juice poured from a tetrapak, 130 bucks for plain lemonade when two lemons cost 10 bucks) we were pretty happy with the place. The waiters were polite, service was prompt & food was good. I want to go again & try the Pizza, obviously.
Mom also gifted me the sweetest tea tins I ever saw- I loved the design, I’ll definitely review them soon.