It’s been a while since I did a music video of the week post, so I decided to bring it back with a little spin: This time I’m featuring two music videos.

At first, they don’t seem obviously related. They’re both by different bands, one American & one British. But they have a lot of similarities- both songs are from the early 80s; both feature cheesy music videos set in studios which are quite funny to watch (what with Gary Kemp’s jerky head movements & Daryl Hall’s awkward dance moves).
Both songs also sound fantastic- they have amazing vocals (both lead + backing), are pleasing to the ear & are overall amazing songs (they were chart toppers too!).
I really think the 80s really were one of the best decades for pop music.


PS– I really like the fact that everyone’s wearing the formal attire in these videos. As one YouTube commenter said, ‘Not only do I miss the music, I miss the time men dressed like men & not boys.’