I feel like this review should contain some background about what drove me to buy this, so here goes. For the longest time, I didn’t really ‘care’ much about my skin. So what if I don’t moisturise regularly or remove my make up every time? I’m young, my skin is resilient & it will cope.
But then one day I was reading my favorite new beauty blog The Neemly & I suddenly had an epiphany that I really need to stop taking my skin for granted. And the next day I was staring at my face in the mirror & I realized that my erratic timings & the fact that I stare into a screen for an inordinate number of hours is really starting to take a toll on my eyes – I saw puffiness, increased fine lines & darker skin. I knew my eyes didn’t look like that five months ago so I started to freak out (dark circles are in my genes!) I knew I needed some kind of eye-care product. As this was the first one I spent time on my decision. I don’t care so much for extravagant claims like ‘reduces dark circles in 10 days!‘, I just wanted something natural that would soothe & hydrate my eyes. I’ve started to like fabindia for all their natural & organic products (like chamomile tea!) & I knew their skincare range had an eye gel so I bought it.
It comes in a small plastic jar.Under the lid there’s another plastic cap to prevent leakage.
Price: Rs 150 for 25ml (24g)

I liked the fact that the main ingredient was aloe vera (known for it’s hydrating & soothing properties) but I didn’t read the ingredient list till I got home. It has parabens! That’s not what I expected from fabindia.
I know some people would find the fact that it’s in a jar annoying & unhygienic. But I just put in daily before going to bed (& after washing my hands) so I don’t find it problematic. I hate that the jar doesn’t screw shut properly, it’s always uneven.
The gel itself is quite nice – thick, colorless, odorless & not sticky too. I’ve been using it every night – it’s very cooling & feels nice on my tired eyes. There’s a slight firming feeling too. After a month I think I’ve been noticing some improvement, but I can’t be sure (I’m currently on vacation so the extra rest may be responsible for the positive changes).

✔ Very reasonably priced, one jar will last a while.
✔ Feels nice on the eyes
✔ Colorless & odorless
✘ Contains Parabens
Rating: 3/5
Will I Repurchase? No. I’ll try a different one till I get something I really like.