Asos boater hat // Forever New jumpsuit // Lilac Keds // Rings: right hand – Goa, left hand (twig ring) c/o Colby June

Just thought I’d share my 2012 Christmas outfit. I know you probably expected reindeers & bells & lots of red, I didn’t have any of that. This year we escaped to Goa (aka tropical paradise not far from home… also my ‘native place’ i.e. the place my grandparents are from). A second December vacation (after Jaipur) was not planned (I even complained & whined for a bit) but here I am, enjoying every moment of it!
My Christmas was full of lots of bright, hot sun (hence the title), home-made breakfasts, holiday gummies & booze (in moderation!)
And Cola-Cola. How could I forget? I’m so in love with the nostalgic glass bottle, I hardly see it in Bombay anymore!

Wishing you guys a ton of Holiday Happiness & then some! ❅