In just a few hours (14 to be exact) it will be 2013 here in India. 2012 just went by in the blink of eye! 
Some great things that happened in 2012:
1. I started to devote more time to this blog – it has been the best journey so far.
2. I was selected as the Lavasa official blogger for 2012 & travelled there for their annual car rally.
3. Travelled a lot with my family.
4. Switched colleges so I get to spend more time doing the things I love.
5. I started to drink tea & reviewed some interesting ones in my tea discovery series.
That doesn’t mean bad stuff didn’t happen. There has been some illness, some conflict & many more small things. But the good definitely outweighed the bad.
I’ve drifted away from some hobbies but I’ve found some new ones too. I have a long mental list of things I’d really like to establish in 2013. One of my top goals is to write & draw more (on paper) & so I can’t wait to inaugurate my new planner, it holds so much promise! 🙂

☆ Happy New Year! (in advance) ☆

I’m in Goa & I’m looking forward to unplugging for the next few days, see you all soon.