It’s been a while since I returned from my visit to Jaipur, Rajasthan a couple of days ago. It was my first visit to any place in Rajasthan- a unique & beautiful experience. I haven’t even begin to tackle the photos from my two serious digital cameras, so I’m going to talk about Jaipur with my instagram photos.

1 // We took a train from Mumbai Central station to Jaipur. It was very clean & nice. We usually keep to ourselves during journeys but this time we were seated near a large Punjabi family who were travelling there for their son’s wedding. They were a bit loud & overbearing but also very affectionate, they even forcibly shared their simple & delicious home-cooked Indian meals with us.
2 // My first glimpse of the hotel we stayed in.
// I was so taken up by the amazing bed – a large, solid four poster one with lyre-like motif & mirror panels. Again, the styling in the room (from the room furniture to the bathroom tiles & fittings!) was so stunning it totally made up for the cons (no microwave, clunky tv).
4 & 5 // Views from the top of Hawa Mahal.
6 // Buying traditional footwear! Jaipur is know for it’s lovely ethnic footwear. Both the slippers & jootis are handmade by local artisans featuring mostly camel leather & embroidery.
7 // I was very interested in trying this ‘one minute camera’ (actually a very old zeiss after reading about it here. The experience was interesting (it took 3-4 minutes altogether) but the owners turned out to be very unscrupulous, so I wouldn’t recommend it.
8 // The negative & positive images from the camera.
9 // Shopping for silver jewellery in Johari Bazaar. I finally bought silver jhumkas which had been on my wishlist for years.
10 // Mango petha from Jaipur’s famous LMB sweet shop (read more about petha on this post).
11 // The most delicious, thick lassi (curd) I’ve ever had, also from LMB.
12 // Non-veg thali from the hotel’s restaurant – delicious but very spicy & too much for two of us to finish.

13 // View from just outside our room on the first floor.
14 // Handmade leather shoes, can’t wait to wear them with a saree!
15 // One of the artistic, seasonal doors at City Palace.
16 // A corridor at Jaipur’s Albert Hall museum. Originally an industrial art museum, it’s now also known as the Jaipur Central museum – exhibits include an actual Egyptian mummy.
17 // The Aries tile at Jantar Mantar.
18 // A lovely old door also at Jantar Matar.

19 // Sign to a sourvenir shop carved in stone.
20 // Wall painting at the hotel I stayed.

I really wanted to do this post sooner, but soon after I got home from Jaipur, I found out that we had to Goa, soon! I was caught off guard (we usually plan our holidays well in advance) & I was sad that I was missing a friend’s wedding. Yesterday was very stressful, but we’re in a resort now, away from malfunctioning gadgets & bad neighbours & most important of all, I have wi-fi!
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