I returned from Goa early this morning & though I had a fabulous break, I’m very glad to be home again. I literally dreamed about places we had to go & work that needed to be done two night in a row, I’m scared that I’m becoming a crazy workaholic so I need to take more unplugged breaks.
I’ve got a lot of interesting travel posts to share, but first something else. In recent times I’ve become slightly obsessed with photographing objects on a white background.

Dried Kashmiri chillies are widely available in Mumbai & Goa. My mom prefers them for their mild spice & natural red color that they give. But I was beyond excited to find fresh, plump & bright red chillies in Jaipur. I took this photo when we got back home, after they started to wilt slightly.

My twitter friend Nickolai Kinny (@Miss_Mused) decided to perform 31 acts of kindness in December & the first of those was sharing her tea collection. The envelope with the assorted tea arrived just before I left for Goa, & it smelt so amazing. I just has pineapple tea this morning, thanks Nickolai!