It’s officially the internet age. We Mumbaikars have so many great websites that make our life easier. Do you want to book tickets for the latest film or gig? There’s a website for that. Do you want to book plane tickets? There’s a website for that. Do you want to to order groceries? There’s a website for that too!
But are you sitting at home (possibly in front of your computer like me) & not in the mood to cook? I, like many others had started to collect those pamphlets & menus from all the restaurants I knew of in the area. But even that was a big problem, because there were times when I was seriously hungry & realised I couldn’t find the menu for the restaurant I wanted! Sure a pizza chain does offer easy online ordering but after a point you get tired of eating from the same place too. Then what?
Well it gives me great pleasure to say that there’s a website for that too – Foodpanda! They take the headache & guesswork out of ordering takeout. You just put in your pincode & you get a list of all the restaurants that deliver to you. And you can sort & search by cuisine type or price range. Have a look at the online menu, place your order & you know the drill (by that I mean your food is delivered at your doorstep & you can dig in!)
Foodpanda had a late luncheon for some us Mumbai bloggers / tweeters over at Café Mangii, Khar. Even though we were already there they made us place our orders through the website to get a feel of it. The hardest thing of course was making up our minds about what to order. After that the process was smooth.

calzone pizza
I got a deliciously meaty Calzone pizza & while eating we got to meet the Foodpanda mascot too (obviously a panda). I’m very happy that we have something like Foodpanda. Now if only there were more restaurants that offered round the clock service.


P.S. Remind me to never order a calzone in public ever again. It was yum but so fussy to eat with fork & spoon. I wish eating with hands was socially acceptable even in nicer places. I kept thinking I would have enjoyed it so much more if I was eating at home.

P.P.S. Happy Birthday to dad & Happy Wedding Anniversary to mom & dad; 23 years together today!