Guru t-shirt // Lee jeans // Jaipuri mojiris // Georgia nautical camera bag c/o Jo Totes // Classic York Lady wrist watch c/o Daniel Wellington

I was in Mangalore earlier this month with my mom. We stayed in a convent & they had a very plantation full of mango, chikoo & jackfruit trees so I went back there with my mom to pick some cashews (they always smell like feni to me but she loves them!) I must say that I’m really getting all bothered with the summer heat. I thought Mumbai is bad but Mangalore is much hotter.

The loot – cashew fruits with the nuts attached. The yellow ones are ripe & the green one are raw. The three on the right are tender seeds (the fruit would grow in later).

And here’s a vine of the cashew plucking process (that’s my mom). I don’t know if vine will be the next instagram as some people claim but it sure is fun. Are you on it? To follow me, just search for Magali Vaz & leave your username in the comments, I’d love to check you out.

Here’s when I wore the same things on a different day (different makeup + my hair was much better behaved).

Real talk: I’m not someone who considers myself high maintenance but I almost didn’t post this because the photos didn’t seem good enough – I look too stiff in the full-length photo, my hair is really fluffy + unruly & other trivial stuff like that.

I’m pretty outspoken about feminist issues in real life so then I had to ask myself why the hypocrisy?
I pride myself at maintaining a certain standard for this blog, especially where photographs are concerned but that should mean adopting all the soulless ‘perfection’ of a glossy magazine, right? I don’t obsess about my appearance in daily life much but this blog is different. The more the readership grows (thank you!) the more nervous I get about these things – xxxx number of people are going to see this post from across the globe, so & so may see this post, it has to be perfect. Yes perfectionism is usually seen as a desirable quality but I think otherwise. I wish it was easier to just loosen up & not overthink things, you know?
This blog is about personal style. Hair is hair. Sometimes it behaves itself, sometimes it doesn’t, c’est la vie!
After I got over the confusion of whether to post this outfit or not, I almost didn’t write this bit. But I wanted to. I’ve heard the phrase there’s nothing sexier than confidence a 100 times (& I agree with it for most part too). But even the most self-confident of us have moments of doubt & insecurity (I know I do, at least) & I think it’s an important thing to talk about, at least once in a while.