Seems like I’m on a bath product reviewing spree here.

No seriously. This is the second shower gel review I’ve done in the last couple of weeks & it certainly won’t be the last (I have a personal favorite coming up soon!)
What they say: A luscious, water-rich moisture balm. Softens and nourishes skin with natural fruit extracts. Combined with emollient shea butter and aloe vera. Remarkably soothes and comforts skin. Stimulates your senses with this twist of juicy kiwi and warm cassis. Formulated with natural fruit extracts. Gently washes away impurities without drying effects of soap or detergent.

This was my first H2O+ product so I didn’t really know what to expect of the brand. As always, let’s talk packaging first- The design is fairly minimal, but there are these cute graphics on the back. Also the way the white pops against the kiwi green makes it look quite attractive. Needless to say, it’s pretty travel friendly.
This shower gel contains kiwi, apricot, orange peel & lemon peel along with Vitamin E for moisturisation.  When I opened this up, the first thing that hit me was the fragrance, it’s very fresh. Citrusy scents are my favorite for morning showers, because they really help me jump start the day. The gel feels very refreshing / slightly tingly even. It’s not the best in the lathering department but a loofah certainly works better than your hands.
Price: ₹550 for 250ml.
Availability: Not sure where it’s available in stores here in Mumbai (Do you know?) but I found this on Flipkart.
I definitely like this but I can’t say I love it. I probably won’t repurchase the same one but I am interested in trying out at least two of their other fragrances – Blushing Orange & Raspberry Guava both sound lovely (fruity scents forever!)