I was recently a the Inglot store on Linking Road for a blogger meet (more on that at the bottom of this post).
Everytime I go to Phoenix Market City at Kurla I always look out for the Inglot store. It’s very large & seems to have a lot of variety. But somehow I’ve always been a bit intimidated to enter because I wouldn’t know what I want. So the blogger meet was a great excuse to visit their store & play around with the stuff.
Inglot is first & foremost a professional brand (founded in Poland) & the packaging is pretty standard (black glossy tubes for lipsticks).
I found the nail polish & lipstick displays to be the most attractive & enticing (I captured just a section of each in the above snaps – there’s more!)
There are a myriad of shades available & the way they’re arranged makes it easy to find the color you’re looking for very quickly. Whether you’re looking for a pink, berry, plum, orange, red, nude (or even white!) lipstick, you’re sure to find it here.
I obviously didn’t photograph a lot of things like their bases (powder + liquid). The store was also the subject of my first instagram video, where you can see a bit more. There are a lot of brights so if you have a specific look in mind & have no been able to find a specific lipstick/eyeshadow/nail polish/pigment.
Some of their things (especially packaging-wise) remind me a lot of MAC but it seems they have a better variety & it’s cheaper too so I’m not complaining. In India, you can buy some of their products online at MajorBrands.in but if you have a store close by, then visiting & checking out the shades for yourself. 
For the blogger meet each of us had to bring a friend. I asked Roanna of Jupiter Skye to come along. We all got makeovers, got our nails painted (with some fun velvet effects!) & sipped on some Four Seasons Wine while watching celebrity makeup artist Ojas Rajnani demonstrate a couple of easy makeup looks. An afternoon well spent, for sure.