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just a minute

Just a minute in February 2014

Watching… I’ve fallen out of touch with all of my favorite TV shows for the time being, but more than


Just a minute in November ’13

I’m writing this from my cellphone (in Mangalore) because a just a minute post must be completely authentic & not

Just a minute in October ’13

I can’t believe it’s the second last month of the year! Where did the year go, where does every year

Just a minute in September ’13

Watching… Friends – I’m on season 4, Supernatural – season 2, but I was hooked by the first episode &


Just a minute in August ’13

Tea Trunk lemon green tea (picture from my instagram account // @magali_c) The last couple of weeks have not been very

Just a minute in July ’13

Watching… Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Big time Seinfeld withdrawals), Big Bang Theory (was watching it to pass the time,

Just a minute in June ’13

June was quite the rollercoaster ride of emotions & I’m relieved that it’s over. I’m definitely looking forward to a

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