Hello there! I’m so sorry for the long unannounced & unplanned hiatus. Long story short, my mac crashed (more on that later maybe? Owning Apple products in India is a nightmare). But enough of the negativity. I’m reviewing something new, pocket friendly (& really nice!) It’s the Maybelline Cheeky Studio Blush* in Peachy Sweetie.
What they say: For Cheeks that glow with a natural finish. Ultra light weight, silky, blendable powders.
Meet the new blush on the block. So Silky and smooth, it blends flawlessly for the most natural finish. Soft texture for a natural hue. Easily blends with your skin color.
Comes with 3 fresh colors for your pretty skin: Creamy Cinnamon, Fresh Coral and Peach Sweetie.

Price: ₹250 for 7gms.

The blush comes in a small little compact with a transparent lid. It’s small enough to fit in a closed fist, or even a pocket. Not many ‘frills’ in the packaging, but it’s full of product & that certainly matters more. There’s no mirror or brush included. Most of us girls have compact mirrors a plenty for on the go touch ups anyway. And those tiny included blush brushes are quite useless anyway. Remember, in an emergency you can even use your fingers quite effectively.

The blush is a peachy light pink color (I’m not the best at describing colors, but the photo above is very accurate). It’s mostly matte, but I saw very sparse silver microshimmer (which hasn’t shown up much in the photo & doesn’t really show on the skin either). That makes it a great everyday blush!
It’s a very versatile color, I think it would look nice on all kind of Indian skin – I’m olive / mid toned & my mom is much lighter, it looked equally nice on both of us!

The swatch above is blended out & it gives a great idea about how the blush looks when applied – it doesn’t stand out or scream color but gives a natural flush (like all blushes should!)

It lasts about four hours on me indoors, & maybe half that time outdoors (Mumbai, you know). And it’s quite the winner in my book.
The good thing about blush is that like lipstick you don’t need it in every color. One is more than enough to start out. I bought my first blush exactly one year ago, & I’ve been using it ever since. But if this was available then, I surely would have chosen it instead. At just rupees 250, it’s the perfect budget buy, very affordable even if you’re still a student.
Remember when I extolled on the virtues of peach toned blushes in my face of the day post? Well there’s another shade in this range called Creamy Cinnamon which looks somewhat similar (it’s a bit less orange & more brown, but still). I think I’m going to pick it up soon & do a comparison, so if you’re at a Maybelline counter, check that out too… you might like it!