Four Seasons Wines (a favorite at home!) recently launched the Gourmet Indulgence food & wine fiesta. I think it’s quite a nifty concept – enjoy a gourmet set menu (with wine, of course) at a fixed price at many of the city’s top restaurants. I visited Spaghetti Kitchen at Inorbit Malad with my mom for a little culinary indulgence of my own.
I also chatted with Chéf Nitin who informed me that none of the dishes on the Gourmet Indulgence menu are on the regular menu & they are specially designed to go with the wine. I personally favor white wine over red so I chose the Four Season Savignon Blanc to go with the three course meal.
The starter – Pollo Polpettine
Tender chicken morsels with porcini sauce & bacon.
I like meat, but I think you really have to have a Ron Swanson level love for meat to fully appreciate the dish. Between the chicken, bacon & strong porcini flavor, this was not my favorite part of the meal. Luckily it got better. 
The main course – Pollo Repieno
Chicken breast stuffed with salsa San Remo & fontina with spicy smoked chicken sausage & fettucine.
This was perfect! Everything from the chicken breast to the chicken sausages & the gravy. You might not be able to tell from the photo above but this serving was quite large, so my only regret is not being able to finish.
The dessert – Melon Panna Cotta with Mint jelly
The panna cotta is shaped that way because it’s meant to resemble a watermelon, with kiwi seeds acting as the watermelon seeds. I think it was fun to look at & not too heavy, a perfect dessert to end the meal.
You can read my mom’s account of the meal here. Four Seasons Wine & Spaghetti Kitchen are on facebook too.