Lady Stardust Earrings* – MaMa CiTa jewelry // V&A Shop David Bowie tshirt // Daniel Wellington Classic York Lady* wrist watch // Rosato charm bracelet // Popley diamond ring // bhane. skinny jeans // Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone case // Dhora leather backpack* // Clarks loafers
So here’s my new hair! This August I got a haircut. It was pretty drastic (but less drastic than the pixie I had planned earlier). And I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too happy with the result. All throughout school I was mostly a short hair kinda person, but for the last three years (ever since I started this blog, really) I’ve had longer hair & gotten used to dealing with it. Going from being able to tie a decent top knot (without a sock or donut!) to not even being able to tie a pony tail is sort of big. Misbehaving long hair can be tied in any number of ways but since I don’t have that option anymore I’ve just being trying to figure out how to deal with this crazy, unkempt circus-tent-like hair that always wants to do it’s own thing. But I can say one thing for sure- ever since the lovely people at Taj Salon did my hair in waves I’m never going back to poker straight (for the next ten years at least, hah!) I’m embracing the craziness.
I’ve been wanting to feature this tshirt in an outfit post for ages & finally gotten round to it! In my small collection of David Bowie tshirts, this is certainly my favorite! It’s a print of a photograph by Terry O’Neill taken on the Diamond Dogs North America Tour, June-December, 1974. I did orange lips & blue eyes to match!
For years & years, I avoided gold like it was the ugliest metal on earth (I guess living in India is enough of a justification to that statement). For me, gold was something reserved for Golden Wedding Anniversaries (I like dressing to a theme). When I got my Daniel Wellington watch early this year, little did I know that it would be the start of something special. Little by little, I’ve started to embrace the color & now I even want metallic gold shoes & eyeliner. It’s the year of gold, for sure. Wrist wear is a great addition to your entire look. Bracelets like the ones from or the one that I wore above can really up your jewelry game.
Lastly, I finally bought the same bhane. jeans I wore at the street style shoot earlier this year. They’re just so perfect, & you can bet I’ve already ordered them in a couple more colors.